Scott Borrero

Appreciate that, thanks for the love. I make my own presets in Lightroom. If I am posting a DSLR shot to IG, I’ll process in LR then add finishing touches in Snapseed and VCSO before posting. If you’re trying to figure out your style, I’d suggest studying photography/art that you like or admire. Then find out what you really like about it and go from there. Hope that helps, cheers

Hey! Thanks for the support. It usually depends on the assignment, but if I’m just out shooting for IG my favorites are the 35L and 24L, the bike image was shot with the 35. Hope that helps, cheers.

Hey man, glad you enjoyed the photo set. I shot it with my Mark II and 35mm 1.4L. Cheers

Hey Issac, thanks for the love. The best advice I can give you at this point(I don’t have any experience with the A37) is to just keep shooting. Share your photos as much as possible with friends/social, because the feedback is invaluable. Learn from each photo, dissect what works and what doesn’t. Hope that helps! Cheers

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